My Strange Little Lunaverse

Hi, and welcome to my world.  My name is Luna, and I have a mental illness.  I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder and an abuse survivor.  In an effort to try and combat the demons in my head, I have decided to try and release them through art.

A little family history.  I have artists on both sides of my family.  My paternal uncle is an amazing artist who paints photorealistic wildlife.  My maternal grandfather was a painter who did everything from portraits to landscapes to caricatures to wildlife and landscapes. My maternal aunt is a graphic designer who specializes in marketing and branding.  My cousins are all amazing artists.  My grandmother, even at 89 years old still paints daily.  One would think that I should be amazing at it.  Sadly I am not.  I’ve found some creative outlets for myself.  I crochet, I work with clay (though not as much as I did when I was in high school,) I create art with alcohol inks, and I’m starting to venture into abstract art with acrylics and will eventually be starting some resin art. I’m really looking forward to sharing my art with everyone.