On Learning New Things; Part the 2nd

And we’re back again.  Today we’re going to cover the rest of my list of things I want to learn.  Let’s get down to it…

Candle Making. Who doesn’t love a good candle?  I mean it smells good, it provides mood lighting, and did I mention it smells good?  Plus when I finally get SLA started as a business, Candles will definitely sell. This is definitely going to be a more costly craft to start, and the downside is that I will not be able to use lavender because migraines are a-holes.  (Who the hell is allergic to lavender?! Me, apparently.)

Hand Lettering. This is something that is near and dear to me.  My handwriting now is not atrocious by regular standards.  Honestly, it’s quite good. But my Grandpa and I used to sit after school and practice my handwriting.  He used to tell me that good penmanship was important, and he wished his penmanship was better. He was a hell of an artist, but oh my God, was his handwriting ever awful!

Knitting.  I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to knit because it’s knitting.  I thought, maybe I want to knit to supplement my crochet. To be frank, I really just want to learn because it’s stumped me.  I have knitting needles and lots of yarn and once a year I give it another go. It rarely works out for me. I know lots of crocheters who say the same thing; when you’ve crocheted with one hook for so long, learning to use two needles is incredibly difficult.  I hear knitters complain similarly, only reverse the order.

This last one is going to seem pretty out of left field, but those who have known me for a long time know that my passion in high school was my ceramics class.  I even took it a 4th year of it in high school when they only offered three. (I graduated a semester late, and only had to take 3 classes but had to stay at least half a day so I needed an extra class.)

Finally, Glaze making.  At some point, I will have a wheel again.  I will get better at hand-building. The next logical step is to make my own glazes.  This one is going to take lots of practice. There is so much chemistry involved in the making of glazes.  I want to, at some point, have a kiln for regular firing, and building a kiln for raku will not be difficult.

So that’s it.  That’s my list of things I definitely want to learn.  Now I think I’m going to eat dinner and work on some crochet.

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