Art and Anxiety

OH LOOK! An actual blog post!

I think the hardest thing for me when dealing with anxiety, is that it affects every aspect of my life.  From getting in the shower to driving down the road.  But the worst part of the hardest part is that it stifles my creativity.  I see all of these wonderful things that I want to try, but think, “Whoa, Lu… What if you suck at it?” I know that developing a talent takes patience and practice, but patience has never been my forte.  I took me almost 18 years to be able to read a crochet pattern.  Now that I have this deep-seated desire to use art as an outlet, or as a way to cope with my anxiety and depression, I’m finding that sometimes it adds to it.  I’m lucky enough to have a partner that supports everything I want to do.  Hell, he even will learn things along with me.  I showed him alcohol inking and he took off.  We were actually able to give my mom and grandma alcohol inked coasters for Mother’s day.

So, how do I combat the anxiety?  How do I combat the voice in my head, that was rooted there from previous relationships telling me that I’m never going to get it?  Tonight is especially bad, dealing with a case of the melancholy.  So, for now, what I’m going to do is put some laundry in, grab my hook and my yarn and get shit done.

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